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Hot Stones Massage


Like all massage techniques, hot stone massage is a method for relieving soreness and relaxing tension in the muscles of the body. The hot stones applied to the body penetrate deeply and the stones used by the therapist make it easier to apply the therapeutic effects of manipulation. Stone massage therapy has become popular only within the last five to ten years and has recently become all the rage in spas and therapeutic centers. It is, however, a very old technique. Here is a short, informative demonstration of hot stone massage techniques. This is a tutorial and should not be performed by anyone who is untrained in the subject due to the potential for burns and safety hazards caused by using hot stones. Always remember to perform a full consultation and make sure there are no ailments or conditions present that prevent a massage first; you want it to be beneficial and it should never feel uncomfortable.
The stones are heated in water at approximately 40-43 degrees Celsius and it won't burn your skin when done correctly. If it's too hot for the therapist to hold then they wouldn't be able to manipulate the stones. It's a lovely warmth and definitely worth trying.